!We can now turn your rundown camper in a Tiny House!

    Bunkhouses fit all State and Federal building codes: Building, Electrical, Gas, Water & Sewer
     Offering completly custom made bunkhouses. We start with blueprints that make sure your house fits your needs and wants. Instead of shoppnig around and hoping to find what works, let Bodinkey's Bunkhouse build your dream from the ground up.
Any windows
-size or shape
Any doors
-size or shape
Water & Half bath
-toilet, 1 Man Shower
-dormsize microwave
*House sizes 8' x 16' to max of 24' x 34'. We also offer custom builds.
*Handicap friendly on all builds
We want you to get the most enjoyment outta your bunkhouse as possible. Doing whatever makes you happy being in the outdoors.
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